Loempia Radar

Do you know that feeling? When walking through a city in the Netherlands, craving a delicious fried spring roll (loempia / chả giò) with a delicious dip but then you wonder: where do I find one of these? Well, we came up with a solution, Loempiaradar. is an overview of all spring roll stands (or loempiakramen for locals) within the Netherlands. It doesn’t matter where you are, there’s always a spring roll nearby. Just fill in your current location and see which stands are closeby!

But we don’t know where all of them are. That’s why we made it easy for our users to add their favourite stand. We slowly hope to have all spring roll stands within our database. This way everyone can enjoy a spring roll, wherever they are. is a passion project for all the springroll lovers. Design, website and animations are done by us. Locations are provided by the people. 

Seen On, Geenstijl, Suksawat, NPO KX, Foodies Magazine, Snacknieuws, Upcoming.

In collaboration with Anton Idema

We shaped the branding with the distinctive look of ‘loempiakramen’ in mind. Our goal was to create a sense of familiarity for everyone — from the vendors to the hungry customers. That’s why we chose the classic combination of red and white. Most of these loempiakramen are white with bright red lettering, and we aimed to reflect that iconic visual style on our platform.